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Glenn Dale Citizens Association Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2010


Opening. The meeting began at 7:50 with the vice president and secretary absent. Jim Titus (corresponding Secretary) took the minutes.

Secretary's Report. Corrections suggested to the sentence concerning the website from previous messages.

Treasurer Report: 1848.66 And dues for 2009 are now being collected.


Intersection of Daisy and 193. General discussion that this intersection is an accident waiting to happen. Very hard to navigate. People making any kind of left turn or going straight on Daisy Lane find it frightening at times to navigate this. Facina residents are afraid. Titus said that he often proceeds to Prospect Hill and MD-193 to avoid making a left from northwestbound MD-193 onto southbound Daisy, and suggested that people from Facina take alternate routes to avoid this left turn (e.g. J turn via a U-turn at firehouse.) Wanda Brooks of Olsen's office offered to look into this intersection (but it is in Ingrid Turner's district.)

MD 193 has center island guard rails. Someone offered to contact SHA to find out about the guard rails. (One guess is to stop jay walking by Duval High School Students).

Mary: Tom Milbourne died. He was the Michaels developer that we worked with to save trees at BP. He was reliable.

The Glenn Dale gas station is being rebuilt and will become a Crown.

Comprehensive plan meeting will be April 24. Will discuss commercial zones. It will be at PG sports and learning complex. DPWT will have quarterly partners meeting at the maintenance yard at Forestville. Henry read many other announcements.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues. Titus: Councilman Olsen got the Council to authorize a study on a bike trail to connect WB&A to Anacostia trail. Mockingbird Lane was finally paved, although the odd nature of the trail continues with a painted bike lane on one side of the road--in effect, encouraging dangerous left-side riding. But at least this is not as absurd as the trail along Electrin Avenue. The trail along Old Pond is complete and well done. Titus discussed the efforts to get an earmark for a WB&A bridge over the Patuxent River, and the fact that MNCPPC has not tried to get earmarks. A priority list goes to the State Highway Administration, but the parks department never sends the same request to our representatives in Congress.

Old Business

. The 7-Eleven people have assured Henry that the size of the signs will not be altered. We agreed to send an unenthusiastic letter stating that we will not oppose the 7-11 conversion.

BG&E tree trimming. Henry recapped the origins of the stand-still agreement to not cut trees on Bell Station Road. BG&E has proposed to bury some lines, 600 feet of underground cable, and put Bell Station road on a circuit that is not on the Bowie circuit. The cost will be $25,000. The requestor needs to pay. Henry views this as progress. (See attached letter from BG&E). The letter offered to bury lines if GDCA pays a fee. Henry read a draft response o BG&E (see attached). We discussed as complicated motion (attachment3). Titus friendly amendment to make it clear that GDCA is not going to pay anything to bury lines on Bell Station Road because this association represents Glenn Dale.

Resolution: All agreed that Henry will send the letter as he had read it, contact Marietta concerning this issue to get their position, and make it clear to BGE we are not paying BG&E anything.

Sector Plan. Two properties at 564 and 193 that Developer Chesley (no relation to Dr. Chesley who owns the farm on Bell Station Road) owns went to C-M zoning. But the Ivy Lane project will not have higher density. And the proposal to change the triangle across from Vista Gardens shopping center from residential to shopping center we voted down. Henry proposed writing to the three councilmen to show their appreciation. Amendment to sent letter to Gazette as well. Mary added: Palumbos got zoning change from C-M to commercial shopping center, in part due to cooperation on buffer.

Glenn Dale Hospital. Proposal to consider historic preservation status has been done for some time. The HPC asked MNCPPC staff about status. Staff said they will present it to the Historic Preservation Commission in two months. Henry moved a letter to Chair of Planning board encouraging MNCPPC to submit a the package.

John: There is evidently a plan evidently a county plan to take over some money-losing golf courses. We can't get any information. Marlboro County Club and Lake Arbor Golf Course are marginal. There is a rumor that a developer will give Lake Arbor to the county, in return for someone turning their head about the law against turning golf courses into development. The Law says a closed course becomes O-S until council takes action, but if the course goes straight into development then that law can be skirted. This is a very clever way to help a developer. General discussion: The whole problem is that when government competes directly with private sector, the government subsidizes the government entity and/or engages in crony capitalism to play favorites and thereby threatens the profitability of normal businesses not part of the system. We also discussed our confusion about the checks-and-balances in this situation--it seems that the Executive can take action in this case without accountability other than MNCPPC budget.

Brown Station: Wanda mentioned that effective January 1, it will charge commercial vehicles and pickup trucks. But no charge for regular cars or vans minivans.

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