Glenn Dale Citizens Association

Mary Vondrak: Transferable Development Rights will only apply to "Rural Tier". Not sure what that means.

We have handouts for a March 21 hearing @6PM only to consider the amendments. This is Doug Peters’ initiative to change the zoning.

See Amendments 4, 5, and 7.

John: This is a compromise to save the golf course, and it gives community a compromise. John will give up (by covenant) several of the land uses allowed under O/S, in particular the ability to have homes on 5-acre lots. Scheig property is part of this transaction. John will be compensated for this, under the current plan. Rural residential lots will be changed to "R-18." The golf course will be re-routed along Hilmeade Road. Some density will go onto Kyler property. John is also planning to add 3000-4000 square feet to the clubhouse to provide a revenue stream that might allow the golf course to remain viable, and provide the community with a facility.

This keeps the land as open space. It may stay as golf course, or cemetery, or a tree farm. The covenants still have to be spelled out (i.e. language for easements and restrictions of the property). John said he is concerned about what happens if zoning gets changed without his compensation and restrictions. What is to keep developers from moving forward without John?

Note: Some other landowners (Brochette property 3 acres) are also being downzoned, without the payments that John is getting. At this point, those other owners have not pushed for similar compensation for the downzone they experience, and the transaction costs may be too great for them to pursue the same avenues that John would have pursued in response to a downzone. In general, all lots between 1 and 2 acres are becoming R-E; all lots between 2 and 5 acres will be R-A; all lots more than 5 acres will become O-S. (There are a small number of exceptions from people who successfully appealed to Councilman Peters.).

John: All the issues and contracts are expected to occur at once

Our responses: Henry. The problem with this is that we are getting all of the density at both ends. It would have been nicer if Jemal did not get all this density. Other concerns: Traffic. Buildings will be 4 stories. We will see them in the winter.

Jim: That may be a problem with the overall change. But is it fair to call that a problem with the new proposal for the golf course? We really have two issues. I think that the zoning proposal is, in effect, a beneficial transfer of development—keeping substantial open space while getting the same density we would have gotten by developing the golf course, which we have in the existing master plan. Reasonably smart growth. And making land by the railroad tracks open space does not bother me. We need to put a rail station there some day with high-density development—open space keeps that option open better than strip development.

The other issue is Jemal. But Mary had negotiated the situation with Jemal property. It would have been nice if the incremental increase in density for Jemal somehow paid to save the golf course, but Mary was never counting on that happening.

Jemal Property:

Mary: The plan is to create a mixed-use area of residential, commercial, school. No more retail in that area, because retail is focused on Eastgate.

Tree Trimming. Underway.

Emergency Preparedness. PG has one-hour presentations. Evacuation routes. Emphasis on what families need to do. Tony wants to push for something else. And they need a date. April or May. Most likely 8:30 on the third Tuesday. It will be a guaranteed start time.

Glenn Dale Hospital. Someone in "the power structure" has decided that they need to address the question of "surplus profit". Someone needs to renegotiate that clause before they can move forward. Henry will look into what that really means.

Henry will contact on the problem of police trashing the hospital. Chuck Montrie will look at patching the potholes on Old Pond Rd.

Glenn Dale Commons is moving forward on conceptual site plan. CSP-06001 to become a party of record. Then you get whatever gets sent out. If you want to speak before the district council.

Subdivision at corner of Bell Station and Daisy Lane. March 2 hearing. You can go online and get the staff report.


New Business.

A bill on TDR’s (transferable development rights) is before the council. This is CB-5. That will allow protection of farms. Elizabeth sent a letter from Sierra Club.

Beltway widening March 7 @ 7:30 PM at 51 University Boulevard, Montgomery Blair High School.

Accidents at Prospect and Glenn Dale Boulevard. Letter to Leo Greene and SHA on need for a light.

Secretary’s Report [7:38 PM]. Minutes approved

Treasurers $498.63 + whatever we collected tonight.


PRESENTATION: Staybridge Hotel

By Vernell Arrington, representing the developer for the Staybridge Hotel. "Greenbelt Hospitality LLC".

They propose to develop hotel on Lot 2.  They expect to file the site plan in the next few days. When they have one, they will send the site plan to us.  (See also minutes from May 2005)

This will have 4 stories and 122 rooms. Preliminary subdivision. No application at this point. Hotel will be facing away from the stores.

Mary: Are all these hotels the same, do they have to be this boxy?

Answer: They are usually all the same.

Q: Will there be food?

A. No restaurant facilities because there will new restaurants at Eastgate.

  1. Do you know anything about restaurants?
  1. We purchased the lot outright. We have no relationship with Eastgate. We hope there will be restaurants for our guests, but we have no assurances.
  1. Will there be meeting rooms?
  1. There will be rooms, but we do not know whether they will be rented to others.
  1. Will all have kitchens
  1. All will have kitchens?

Q: All 1-bedroom?

  1. Mix of 1- and 2-bedroom suites.


Q: Then how many rooms will there be?

A: I don’t have that information.

  1. When will you break ground?
  1. They hope to break ground in about one year.

Q: What holds you back?

  1. Preliminary subdivision plan. A traffic study. We bought property planning to build hotel on lot 2, with detailed site plan. But conditions of approval have a development cap: 36000 square feet for lots 1 and 2. But this goes beyond that: Hotel has 80,000 square feet. So new subdivision and traffic study. Zimmer owns lot 1.

Q: You said 122 rooms. So that means there will be fewer than 122 suites?

A: There will be 122 suites.

  1. What occupancy levels?

A. We hope they will be full.

  1. So there will be more than 122 rooms. How many bedrooms?
  1. Don’t know.
  1. How many beds?

A. Don’t know.

  1. How many parking spaces?

A At least 90, but probably more.