Glenn Dale Citizens Association

Carreer Bus ( 301-772-2979. Commuter Service for Glenn Dale to Metro. For $25/week. They take metrocheck. At HOA’s they charge $5-10.) Typically 6AM-6PM. "Luxury Service." This is just Glenn Dale. Under federal statute "T-21" communities that offer these services ("Best Workplaces") get some sorts of incentives. They have not spoken to NASA yet—but NASA is under some pressure to do something about that.

Reminder: The Vandals are out.


Old Business (7:55)

East Glenn Dale. John reiterated comments from previous meeting. Amendments are afoot. A new proposal: Shag (18 acres) and Kyle (11 acres, two parcels) would have condos to preserve Golf Course. John does not consider that option to be a TDR because it would be implemented as a zoning change. However, for the layman, the effect would be very similar: Golf Course becomes open space, while the density is shifted elsewhere.

John would retain his ability to develop the O/S as 5-acre density, but for now it is more economic to run a golf course if only other choice is 5-acre zoning.

A few holes would be relocated to the outside of the combined parcel, so that the condos would be in the interior. The yardage of the holes would probably stay about the same, perhaps with a slight reduction.

This would probably be about 400 or so units, age-restricted.

Glenn Dale Commons.

74 Single Family homes near intersection of Northern and Good Luck. Small village like Kensington. Lots 60 X 50’ typically. No entrances onto Northern Ave. Can exit on Aerospace.

By the Greentech Buildings, proposal is 102 2-unit double decker "townhomes". They’ll improve the pond with the hiking trail. Then 14 true townhouses; one townhouse will be an activity center. Condos would be accessed through a gate.

In addition: 664 senior living apartments near Honeywell. (Mary thinks they would be rental. This part will probably be sold off to someone in the apartment business.)

Mary et al. went to Councilman Peters’ Office with text amendment that would accomplish this density. Along Northern Ave., there is 60-foot tree buffer, plus utility and street right-of-way.

Last week, Jemal and company tried to add another 28 townhouses. But the community is pushing back and Doug Peters appears to not be inclined to agree to this last-minute addition of units.

Saturday at 10 AM there will be a community walk to inspect the tree buffer. The buffer is already staked. Already trees are there, so fence more likely than a berm. Community push is for fence close to the homes.

Eastgate. People at Eastgate have filed for a Staybridge Suites, as we discussed last fall. DSP-02039/02. Lot 2. Right now, our leverage for pushing restaurants is as great as it will ever be.

Several members complained about the Giant: May: Not as good at Greenway. Bakery quality not good. Produce is poorly stocked. Nothing for breakfast. Others: better international section than most Giants.

Henry: We will need to see some progress on restaurants before we support the motel.

Mary: Will Call Peters to try to see if they are making some progress.

Henry or Mary will set up a meeting where

Motion carried.


BG&E Tree Trimming. Trees to be cleared. Not everyone has been able to get a straight answer.

Henry Wixon began to preside at 8:15.

Glenn Dale Hospital. County’s expression of interest solicitation. Responses submitted by:


Draft letter on paving Old Pond due to hazard.

Treasurer Report.


Adjourned 9:12.

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