Glenn Dale Citizens AssociationGlenn Dale Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes   July 18, 2006




            There was not a quorum at the June meeting but a presentation was made by the Chesley group concerning their buildings at the Fairwoods Office Park.

            There was a Fourth of July parade in old Glenn Dale near the park.

            There appears to be a day camp operating on Daisy Lane and a question was raised if it was licensed. It was suggested that Councilman Peter's office should be called.

            The County Administration will hold a Livable Community Expo on July 29.

            Partners in Parks are looking for volunteers 301-249-7208


New Business

            The Shelter Group of Baltimore, MD is proposing a senior housing development adjacent to Duvall Village Shopping Center. They have plans for 4-story buildings with 90 units, some affordable housing. Thomas Fahs and Michelle La Rocha, representatives of the developer, spoke with Henry Wixon.

            Ivy Creek is a new RR proposal NW of the intersection of MD 450 and MD 193. (DSP- 06049)

            Parkside Preserve is a new RR proposal on Springfield Road east of Good Luck Road, 13.5 acres with 23+ lot, single family detached. (PP 4-06036)


Old Business

            Dr. Chesley made a motion seconded by Stacy Hawkins to write a letter to Park and Planning stating that the existing Bell Station road culvert is fine and does not have to be changed, The motion passed

            John Shields reported that the Golf Course development is on schedule.

Glenn Dale Hospital: Adrian Gardner, Council for Park and Planning, is trying to renegotiate the profit payment part of the sales contract with Washington D.C.

 Mrs. Dudley moved and Pauli Tamanini seconded that we write to MaryAnn Harley of Park and Planning and ask that the excess vegetation on and around the hospital buildings be cleared away. The motion passed.

Fairwoods Office Park (PP 4-05144) and Mitchellville Montessori School (PP 4-06085) are coming before the Planning Board.

Treasurerís Report There is $1560.55 in the treasury.


Meeting Adjourned Motion by Pauli Tamanini



See you at the next meeting, September 19, 2006