Glenn Dale Citizens Association
Approved, except that Mary asked for revisions to the effect that the Glenn Dale Commons will have access to Northern Avenue, albeit closer to MD-193 than to Good Luck Road.


Treasurer Report





  1. James Parker, a new member to the community asked us to introduce ourselves.  He lives across the street from the Golf Course, and wondered about sidewalks.  John does not know when it will happen.  County usually relieves developers of this responsibility.  Prospect Hill not graded.  Jim recommended contacting Fred Shaffer.
  2. Correspondence on Intercounty Connector telling us how far along they area.  If we want to meet with them we can.  Jim added that he had met with MdTA recently.  Express toll lanes are going to be constructed along I95 from the I95/I895 split northward to beyond the Baltimore Beltway.  Construction is starting soon.  Within the next year, the Chesapeake House will be torn down and replaced with a larger rest stop.  When that project is complete, the same will happen to the Maryland House.
  3. USDA.  Green menace.  Do not move firewood into or out of the county.  John:  You do not have to pay for trees to be removed on your property.  But there are 2 other borers that look similar. 



Old Business

Magruder Brannon House will be moved to the Zoglio property so that a doctor’s office can be built at the NE corner of MD-193 and MD-450.  A group is going to be formed to keep an eye on the move and restoration.  GDCA needs a representative.  Henry is an adjacent property owner, so he feels that he has a conflict of interest.  This is an opportunity to work with historic preservation 


Glenn Dale Commons.   The developer came to the last meeting and presented their picture of what it will look like.  We have 662 senior living apartments in 3 buildings with a clubhouse.  Now it will be two buildings, so that the parking is enclosed and hidden from view.  Condos and townhouses:  205 townhouses originally.  But now they are asking for 218.  That is what was granted in the sector plan.  Finally, 74 single-family houses.   People on Northern Avenue want no access.  People on Northern Avenue are most concerned about people from apartments going for walks through the neighborhood, and hence oppose any sort of access. 


There were sessions where MNCPPC said no parks are needed here.  But now MNCPPC is saying they need an 8-acre park.  Mary asked why they changed their mind—MNCPPC did not answer.   Now they are planning a homeowner association park for the residents.  This may leave less land for single-family homes, and perhaps result in more high-density units.  “Recommend:  Applicant will supply recreational facilities.”  Regulations require mandatory dedication of 8 acres of park.  Staff views the northern part of development as the best place for a park, but because community pedestrian access between Northern Avenue and Glenn Dale Commons, and access through the office park is impractical, staff concludes that applicant should demonstrate that recreational needs of new residents should be met by on-site recreational facilities.


MNCPPC is somewhat murky as to why they are changing the requirements. 


Mary proposed a letter.   The letter did not mention pedestrian access.  Mary indicated an intention to add language opposing any pedestrian access a the northern end of the development.  Jim said that the association need not take such a position, since the covenants will not allow what the Northern Avenue residents oppose anyway.  “Why should this association associate itself with the cul-de-sac mentality of designing all land use so as to discourage walking, which children to become obese as everyone drives to everywhere.”  Jim proposed to tone down the “There should be no access from the development to Northern Avenue for either vehicles of pedestrian.” to “There is no need for access from the development to Northern Avenue for either vehicles of pedestrian at this time.”  Mary rejected this offer.  Jim said that he


The amendment carried almost unanimously.   With that, the letter passed on a voice vote.


Eastgate   Mary spoke with the developer from Eastgate.   Panera Bread is not coming to Eastgate.  Right now, they have no tenants for the little pads they are building.   Mary tried to talk him into getting some more restaurants.   Jim added:  “If we want restaurants at Eastgate, we need to support a motel on that site.”


Glenn Dale Hospital site.  The Brownfield Stewardship fund reminded us that they are interested. 


New Soil Conservation Road is open.   Meeting in January where we can make comments.


Prospect Hill Road.   Doug Peters said that it would be paved in 2006.  But he got a letter like that in 2003.