Glenn Dale Citizens Association


Opening. The meeting began at 7:35 with all officers present.

Secretaryís Report. Jim Titus summarized the previous meeting. No corrections were suggested and we adopted the minutes.


US-301/MD-197 Study. Along US-301 from US-50 to Mt Oak Road, and MD-197 from Mitchellville Road to US-301. Major upgrades are planned, with overpasses for left turns from MD-197 to US-301 Southbound, and from US-301 Northbound to MD-197. The new ramps on the east side of US-301 will be slightly south of Rips, which will apparently continue to occupy the same land as today. There are alternative trajectories. Hearing: Wednesday May 9, 5-8 PM at Bowie City Hall. Contact Theresa Christian.

The ICC progress continues. Trolley Museum relocating within Northwest Branch Park. .

Eric Olsen will do a walkthrough from Glenn Dale elementary school. They will walk around. He will start at 12:30 next weekend. They will start at Seaton Church at 10:30 in Lincoln-Vista. The agenda for these walkthroughs is not explained in the announcement. Possible issues: sidewalks, sector plan, Glenn Dale hospital. Lincoln-Vista is concerned about that.

Last weekend. Basements flooded. Bell Station near Daisy Lane by the Duck Pond flooded. Dr. Chesleyís property was hard hit. Severe runoff appears to have been caused by the new development near Marietta Mansion.

Ingrid Turner will have town meetings. April 19th at Greenbelt City Hall at 8PM. That is 25 Crescent Drive. April 26 at Bowie City Hall @7PM.

Delegate Levi has sent a few notes. One of the notes concerned the intersection at MD-564 and MD-193. SHA has responded to lthe etter about pedestrian deaths. SHA found that lights were out along MD-193 and will replace the bulbs. They have not decided whether the intersection qualifies for significant modifications such as sidewalks or signs to indicate the safest path for pedestrians.

MD-193 and Prospect Hill. There is no power to the new light yet, which is why the intersection not yet modified. At Good Luck and MD-193: There is a plan for 2 lanes from Greenbelt Rd going left onto Good Luck. Henry: We need to keep talking to Delgate Levi about this intersection.

Also: Regarding school discipline. A bill passed to prevent truants from getting a driverís license.

From the police Department: There has been a resurgence of burglary and car theft near MD-450. Glennwood, Camelot and Daisy lane each had a car theft. Police plan to put a mobile speed trailer along MD-450 between MD-193 and Glenn Dale Road. It will provide drivers and cyclists with the sped at which they travel; we do not know whether it keeps speed records so that the extent of speeding would be known. Henry had a few bikes stolen.

Brooke: This is national library week. This is national poetry month. New Carrollton Library is being renovated.

Peter. There is now a short trail from Woodpointe to the Lincoln-Vista park, including a footbridge over the stream between these neighborhoods. Take Glenn Dale RD to Harbor Avenue, take it to the end then take a left on Woodpointe.

The announcements ended at 8:17

New Business

There was no new business.

Old Business

Washington Business Park. Followup correspondence. Management promised to get back to us on the answers to our questions. Henry indicated that they need to tell us which citizen groups endorsed their desired shopping center at Forbes and MD-450 Henry spoke with Lincoln-Vista and Glennwood Park. That group never met with Lincoln-Vista, and Glennwood Park does not support it. Nor have we gotten a copy of the text amendment. Henry added: "The business park has a new owner; we probably should sit tight."

Staybridge Hotel at Eastgate Shopping Center. We will have a presentation from the representatives after we adjourn. Henry mentioned that we complained about the size. Staff of M-NCPPC also disagreed. But we have gotten nowhere. Henry has the letter that went to staff, etc. Mary got the staff report, which approves the 4-story building. She has also seen the traffic plan, which seems postpone any decision. It looks as if we will ultimately have another traffic light next to the Staybridge, because the shopping center has not been configured to easily access itís current traffic light onto MD-193, from most of the stores. John pointed out that the better solution is to simply connect Forbes all the way through from Eastgate Shopping Center to MD-193, as was originally planned.

All participants generally agreed that a traffic light is not desireable. Whether a no-left turn, better traffic flow in Eastgate, or completion of Forbes, we need a better plan than letting things get worse followed by a traffic light. Henry suggested that this is an issue to bring up with Ingrid Turner.

Henry called Russell Baker, to find out what is going on with Magruder-Brannon House, which is supposed to move to the Zoglio property. The house is sitting along the roadóand it may just sit there until the Zoglio development gets started (26 new houses).

Golf Course. John said that nothing is happening. Cass Brothers are finding the existing slopes along the golf course to be a significant challenge.

We adjourned at 8:45.


Presentation. Staybridge Hotel.

Ms. Harrington, representing Greenbelt Hospitality, owner of the property. Staybridge is the long-term stay division of Holiday Inn. She passed out a picture of the proposed motel. The picture shows 36 windows on each of 4 floors on each of the long sides.

Question: What is the plan for a privacy fence along the pool?

A: We proposed a wood fence on the site plan. MNCPPC Staff wants Aluminumóbut did not explain why. We donít know why.

Mary (reading staff recommendations): Plans will be revised for Aluminum or attractive non-wood.

A: We want it to be attractive as well.

Q: How many beds?

A: 122 suites. I do not know how many beds. County bases standards on the number of rooms.

Q: But a suite can have more than one room with beds, right? So how many bedrooms"

A: I do not know.

Q: How many cars will be at the motel?

A: That is not part of the detailed site plan? So I donít know.

Q: How many parking spaces?

A: Code requires 85 spaces. But Staybridge plans to provide 108 spaces.

Q: (Henry) The 4 stories looks too massive. It is too tall. It is out of character with adjacent buildings. Why 4-stories? Staybridge has 2- and 3-story buildings elsewhere. A smaller motel would work. Why are they so insensitive to community.

A: Brick gables makes it look nicer.

Q: (Jim). There is one thing that would make this tolerable to me. A green roof. I mean: If you are going to build something that does not quite fit the surroundings, why build something from the 1980s? Why not something for the 21st century?

Mary: Maybe not just a green roof. Why not give us a green building?

Jim: Your clientele is largely NASA, right? You want to give them a reason to come here rather than stay on US-1, right? NASA contractors and staff tend to be interested in new technology, environmental preservation, and reducing energy consumption. These buildings often pay for themselves. So why donít you do something that makes people want to visit the place, and benefits everyone, rather than the same tired model.

Mary: We want a green building.

Delegate Levi: What about impervious surfaces? People are looking at charging people more to build impervious surfaces. You may have fees at some point based on impervious surfaces, which would be reduced by a green building. Why donít you make this the first green hotel in the region.

There was a general consensus of everyone that we could live with the proposed size of the hotel if it was a green building.