Glenn Dale Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes  January 16, 2006





Opening.  All Officers were present. 


Secretary’s Report.   The previous minutes had one typo that needs to be corrected, an incomplete sentence that we ought to remove.  At this point, Mary explained background on the issue.  Minutes approved subject to correcting the typos.


Treasurer Report

We made 20 cents this month:  $1561.50


Announcements. . 


Emergency Response.  June Gravitte announced that she is a volunteer who lives in Glenn Dale.  She is involved with the “community emergency response team.” (CERT).  The program is sponsored by the county.  She also volunteered in the aftermath of Katrina.  For further information on this program, call Calvin Hawkins (301) 583-1899.


Brook (the Gazette Reporter) announced that the Glenn Dale v. Bowie play station tournament was cancelled because there were no play stations.  The cancellation happened without notice.  Brook saw Kids hanging around.   The contact person was Tammy Massey, apparently from the County Parks Department.  She had been out all week.  Henry Wixon said:  It seems like some sort of audit is needed of the recreation center.


Northern Avenue activities.  A new church on Northern Avenue is planned.  Initial construction seems to be going on.


Jim Titus announced that there are signs near the intersection at MD-193 and Prospect Hill. A small subdivision of 4 units.  It is not clear where the road access will be. 


Titus also mentioned the three recent pedestrian deaths.  No one knew the status of the investigation.  Mary Vondrak added some details about both that accident, as well as her own observations about the hazardous pedestrian situation along Northern Avenue.    Mary moved that GDCA write a letter to SHA about MD-193 and Lanham-Severn Roads.   That resolution passed without dissent.


John Shields announced:  We need an explanation for absence of signs and/or confusing striping as one turns from Southeast bound MD-193 left to eastbound Prospect Hill. Another issue:  Markings onto Good Luck Road, as one drives from Greenbelt, left onto Good Luck Road.  The puppy-dog tracks are not painted safely.  More lane striping issues. 


Jim announced that the Folly Branch trail has funds for a small extension under MD-450 in the flood control overflow. 



Old Business


Magruder Brannon House will be moved to the Zoglio property so that a doctor’s office can be built at the NE corner of MD-193 and MD-450.  Developer now has commitments for all the units in that development.  This is over 100,000 square feet.  It is a three-story building with an underground garage.  (The Palumbos own the property nearby.) 


Update on Golf Course.   Concerning 10.75 acres, which is zoned R-18c.  The proposal is for apartments and condos.   Refer to 4-06219 if you want to be a party of record.  At this point, there is no reason to think that the plan will not be consistent with the previous deal.  No hearing yet. 


Glenn Dale Commons.   Mary recapped what we discussed on December 7.  Negotiations continue regarding recreational uses along the stormwater management pond.  The M-NCPPC reviewer does not like the idea of taking one of the town houses for a recreational center, because it would not be ADA compliant.   The planning board sent the matter back to staff to work something out.


Staybridge Hotel.   The plan passed with the proviso of dealing with traffic.  Next they do detailed site plan.  See planning board discussion of the Staybridge Hotel.  Jim asked why the traffic can’t go behind the Giant instead of being funneled onto Lanham-Severn road.  No one knew the answer to that question. 


Glenn Dale hospital.  Nothing new. 


How to get more participation at GDCA.  Various ideas were presented, including: 


John thinks it is most cost-effective to use Community Calendar.  Regarding Bulk Mailing:  $160 permit.  Imprint. $160 as well.  23 cents.   28.2 cents.   $905 or $778.  And that is if everyone folds tapes and stamps.   This is 2097 addresses in Glenn Dale, including 545 boxes.  This is exclusive of printing. 


Mary indicated that lack of notice on meetings may be part of the problem.  Henry likes the idea of the officers back stopping and double-backstopping each other to get the notices out.  One can get yahoo to do this automatically.


Eric Olsen and Ingrid Turner want to be informed of issues that are close to our heart.  They have sessions where they are briefed.  Eric asked for issues.  Maybe this needs to be coordinated with HOA’s. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:45.