Glenn Dale Citizens Association
May 15, 2007




Opening.   The meeting began at 7:40 with all officers present.


Secretary’s Report.   Jim Titus summarized the previous meeting.  No corrections were suggested and we adopted the minutes.


Treasurer Report.   $1643.43 after $6 in membership fees.   Henry added:  Dues are tax-deductible. 





Paula:  A sign went up the past month on Daisy Lane, between Bell Station and MD-193.  It says “Links Incorporated.  She saw 15 cars in the driveway.   Old Farmhouse sold by previous owner, who kept 2 acres.  She is wondering what Links, Inc. is.  The sign said “connecting people with people.”  Is it a business in a residential area?   No one knew.  Henry added:  “On Glenn Dale Rd, we have the limousine service as well.” 


Fred Gasper, who lives in Greenbelt, came to tell us about several activities going on.  The following three paragraphs summarize his comments:


1.   PG Council Committee for transportation, health, and environment.  Fred and his colleagues take care of two sections of the WB&A trail, which includes Old Pond Drive.  He is trying to get the committee to pay attention to the condition of Old Pond Drive.  He spends time trying to clean up that area.  He urges all of us to add to the calls to fix up this road. 

Question:  Does USDA have Old Pond Drive. 

Henry:  The issue of who is responsible always comes up between USDA, Park and Planning, and MNCPPC.  During the last CIP hearings, we requested that Park and Planning to upgrade it.  Our comments were received with acclaim; but nothing has happened.  We are glad to hear that Fred is taking up this torch. 


2.  Fred Euler Natural Area.   This area is between along the abandoned rail spur from Amtrak lines to Bowie Race Track, run by MNCPPC and Audubon.  It is now an all-terrain vehicle and motorcycle park, for all practical purposes, regardless of its official designation.  Fred was trying to get video surveillance system for trash dumping.  No luck so far.    


3.  Expansion of Greenbelt Road by Eastgate.  SHA plans to put in countdown crosswalks.  We are all somewhat confused about whether the shoulder lane will be eliminated in favor of a third lane, or if the entire roadway will be widened.


Morris Warren, founder of the WB&A Trail in Price Georges County attended the meeting, so Jim Told relayed the following story told to him by Dave Thomas, who grew up in Glenn Dale and lives in the neighborhood west of Glenn Dale Elementary School. [Secretary will have to insert the story later into the minutes.]


Morris Warren added that the WB&A has crossed Little Patuxent River near Bryer’s lane.  We discussed the WB&A status in Anne Arundel county. 


Danielle Glaros from Eric Olsen’s office.  She is the legislative aid and Chief of Staff.  She lives in Riverdale Park, and was previously Town Administrator of Riverdale Park, and also worked in the Office of Smart Growth for Governor Glendenning.   She said that now is the best time to contact council members to remind them of whatever items we have advocated in the past.  Now is a good time to remind them of various aspects of the WB&A trail.  We should contact them to not forget WB&A trail in Park and Planning Budget.  May is a big month, always a good time to make budget request reminders.


Regarding mobile cameras, she continued.  They are looking into cameras for dumping surveillance (as suggested by Fred Gasper.)  Please feel free to send them suggested sites.  Regarding the Eastgate project.  One of the steps of the planning process is that decisions go in front of the planning board.  They have not yet made a final signoff.  County council members can do additional review.  It is important to share our concerns about this project.  The council member is concerned.  “If we can build it green, let’s do so, and encourage pedestrian amenities.” 


Council member Olsen arrived just as his staff finished her remarks.  The councilman thanked us for coming to the “walking town meeting.”  He and his staff learn a lot by walking through the communities, following up on concerns that were raised.  He has another staff person coming on board, who also lives in District 3.  He tries to hire people from our district.  As a procedural matter, he can not talk about specifics of plans that have been filed until the Council acting as District Council has acted.  He plans to insist on quality.  He is willing to press developers on specific matters, and tell them to go back to the drawing board, addressing traffic issues.  He will support quality development.  Council passed a law dealing with pawn shops.  There were 38 licenses and 31 in operation.  He lowered the cap to 31, to prevent additional pawn shops from opening, and there will be a reduction in licenses.  This year close to $1 million in stolen goods were recovered from pawn shops. 


Q:  Glenn Dale is divided into two districts.  How often do council members work together in serving Glenn Dale?

A:  When he went on the walk, one of the major things brought up was the need for a library in the area.  He brought that to Turner and Harrington, to see what they can do to work together to look into that.  They are all fairly receptive.


Henry:  The walkthrough included various folks who don’t come to our meetings.  Mr. Olsen stayed here for about 3 hours.   People expressed concerns about water, trash, and the roads.  This is the first time a councilmember has ever done this.  


Q: What about the WB&A? 

A:  I have spoken about need to make more connections on that trail.  I talk to Jamie Benoit.   I am a friend of trails to make the community more pedestrian-friendly. 


Brooke Garner.   She has been covering us for 3 years and 5 months.  Gazette is owned by Washington Post, and some of the Gazette articles will be in the Post.  Her first article in the Post was in last week’s Prince Georges section.


Announcement:  US-1 Corridor Study.  DEIS being prepared.   With ICC and Conterra.  Big concern is that a lot of traffic will dump onto US-1.  Looking for other ways to move traffic.  Do you expand MD-201. 


Eric Olsen.  DER Comprehensive Community Cleanup Program.  This includes 21 cleanups.  Call Wanda Brooks if we have questions.  301-952-3060.  Unclear whether Glenn Dale is eligible. 



Old Business.


Recalling the recent presentation of the folks who wanted their old zoning back along MD-564: They want to come back and give us another presentation.


Washington Business Park.  We have heard nothing.  We have challenged them to support their previous claim that other citizens groups are supporting their proposal, and they have provided no additional information.  They may have been mistaken when they listed all the other groups that are supporting their proposal.  Henry added:   They did not bring a copy of the text amendment, and they still have not provided the text amendment that they want us to endorse. 


Eastgate/Staybridge.  We have updated renderings.  Henry said it doesn’t look any different.  We mentioned green building, she assured us she would take that back to her client; we mentioned long ugly roofline, and that hasn’t changed either. 


Glenn Dale Golf Course.  Nothing new.  Plans are being prepared for submission, but John does not know when it will happen.  Not clear whether it will happen before September. 


Glenn Dale Hospital.   Nothing new.  Negotiations going on with the District. 


We adjourned at 9PM.